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 SoCal Lean Network

Learning and LEANing Through Sharing

Welcome to the home page for the So Cal Lean Network - the place for all things Lean in San Diego and Southern California!

A Message From The Chair: Hello Everyone and Welcome! 

As part of the new website, SoCal based companies and people will be featured in webinars and podcasts. From the existing website content, we will still feature all information including any job postings, local consultants and current events.

We were looking to schedule live tours again starting in August, but unfortunately they will be postponed again. Even though we cannot connect in person, there are lots of ways to plug into the Lean Community virtually! 

There are lots of opportunities! Scroll down to view the upcoming sessions and to register! 

Do you have an opportunity for a virtual tour you would like to make available?

Do you have a summit/conference you would like to let our members know about?

Do you have a job posting you would like to post on SoCalLeanNetwork?

Send a note to Tracy ORourke at tracy@jitcafe.com.


Current Events


December 8th: 4-5:30pm PT - Free! Central Coast Lean Coffee

Title: Central Coast Lean Coffee

Description: Lean Coffee is a great way to get and give help to others in our lean community. Although we still do the occasional Lean Leadership Forum, we are currently experimenting with virtual Lean Coffee as a lean way to get lean folks together. Lean Coffee is a structured, but agenda-less meeting. Participants gather, build an agenda, and begin talking. Conversations are directed and productive because the agenda for the meeting was democratically generated. Future Central Coast Lean Events and Lean Coffee Registration: https://www.purpose-ccl.org/lean-



December 9th 11-12pm PT Free Webinar hosted by the Just-In-Time Cafe: Lean Coffee - Is It Your Cup of Tea?

Have you heard about or participated in a Lean Coffee event? Join Guest Host Eric Olsen as we use Lean Coffee at the Just-in-Time Cafe to talk about...Lean Coffee! Lean Coffee is a way to hold agenda-less meetings (heresy?!) where topics with the most interest get addressed first. Dr. Olsen and Central Coast Lean have been practicing Lean coffee—in-person and virtual—every month since 2018.

Join this interactive 1-hour meeting where Cal Poly Professor Eric Olsen will facilitate a "Lean-Coffee-Approach" experiment so you can see how to use it to engage your associates in Lean practice. Consider topics you want to talk about between now and the event.

Learning Objectives:
- Learn by doing the virtual Lean Coffee process
- Discover tips and tricks for making Lean Coffee work in various contexts
- Understand why and how Lean Coffee works.
- Understand differences between in-person and virtual Lean Coffee
- Learn how Lean Coffee can make meetings relevant and effective   

Register Here


December 14th 11-1pm PT Discussion Panel hosted by Lean Frontiers:  

Process improvement is eternally focused on existing processes, but what about processes that don’t exist yet? How do you incorporate Lean thinking up front? What’s involved in designing Lean into processes instead of waiting to address the waste once they’ve been created?

Join us for a roundtable discussion with Lean experts Mike Osterling, Sally Toister, Tracy O’Rourke and Elisabeth Swan: "Process Development Lean—Lean for What's Yet to Exist”

Register Here


December 17th: 7-9am PT Webinar hosted by AME SD Consortium - Problem Solving Skills For The Complex Workplace

In this training session our presenter will provide an introduction of the 8D methodology and share his problem solving experience with tips and examples to apply the methodology in practical situations.

Problem-solving consists of using generic or ad hoc methods in an orderly manner to find solutions to problems. This program describes concepts and techniques that are important to systematically working and solving complex problems. This includes cross functional team selection, critical thinking and communication process, and fixing the right problems. Eight Disciplines (8D) problem-solving methodology was developed at Ford Motor Company to resolve problems systematically. This methodology is widely adopted by the semiconductor industry and other industries to facilitate effective problem-solving that involve multi-disciplinary teams. 8D follows the logic of the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) cycle.

Register Here


Starting January 25th 2022: UC San Diego's Lean Six Sigma Leadership with instructors Tracy ORourke and Elisabeth Swan

A Lean Six Sigma leader needs to foster a transformation to usher in a thriving culture of Continuous Improvement in the organization. This requires more than lean tool deployment, but also includes key leadership and management frameworks, principles and behaviors. Are you doing the right leadership tasks to build problem-solvers and build a continuous improvement culture?

This program will provide you, as the leader, with the tools to become a skilled mentor to drive organizational change, and ensure that process improvement projects align with your business’s mission and overall objectives. Through an effective blend of learning techniques, this training will provide you with the critical knowledge to confidently build a continuous improvement culture and inspire behavioral change.

This program is designed for any Leader, Supervisor, Manager or Director in any industry who desires a sustainable culture of continuous improvement for their team and organization. The training will benefit all leaders, but more specifically any leader that wants to help shape the culture and build and coach problem-solvers.

Effectively fulfill your role as a leader in the Lean Management system by:

  • Building a culture that empowers staff and promotes continuous improvement

  • Understanding the breadth of impact a leader has and the leaders roles & responsibilities in transformation

  • Identifying projects that align with the organization’s mission

  • Deploying Leader Standard Work (successful leader habits) that drive improvement activity and success

  • Mentoring and coaching staff to become better problem solvers

Program At a Glance

Total Instructional Hours: 30
Live Online Training Portion: five, two-hour sessions (10 hours total)
Units: 3.0
Duration: 2.5 months
Tuition: $1,795 (includes all learning materials)
Format & Structure: This program is a blend of online learning and live virtual training sessions. After completing the learning modules on your preferred schedule engage with the Instructor and fellow leaders within an interactive virtual classroom.
Class sessions meet virtually on Tuesdays, 1:00- 3:00 PM, PST on Jan. 25, Feb 8, 11 Mar. 8, 11, and Apr. 5. 14  Register Here


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