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 SoCal Lean Network

Learning and LEANing Through Sharing

Welcome to the home page for the So Cal Lean Network - the place for all things Lean in San Diego and Southern California!

A Message From The Chair: 


The SoCal Lean Network has a new website!

We are moving from socalleannetwork.org to socalleannetwork.com.

There will be a re-direct to the new website.

As part of the new website, San Diego based companies and people will be featured in webinars and podcasts. From the existing website content, we will still feature all information including any job postings, local consultants and current events.

Even though we cannot connect in person, there are lots of ways to plug into the Lean Community virtually! 

Check out a few opportunities below:

Upcoming conference: 

UC San Diego’s Process Palooza – 5/8 – featuring process improvement in education

There are a few other online learning webinars and training opportunities: 

June 1st: Lean Six Sigma Leader Course at UC San Diego! Are your people jumping to solution and not solving problems? Do they want to throw money and people at problems instead of applying process improvement? Take this course to learn more about growing problem-solvers. 

Do you have a job posting you would like to post on SoCalLeanNetwork? Do you have an opportunity for a virtual tour you would like to make available? Do you have a summit/conference you would like to let our members know about? Send a note to Tracy ORourke at tracy@jitcafe.com.

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5/11-6/8: UC San Diego's Process Palooza

Process Palooza celebrates UC San Diego’s commitment to business excellence, operational efficiency and continuous improvement. The 2021 series provides support, lessons, actionable takeaways and inspiration! By attending, you’ll:

  • Learn how continuous improvement (CI) and Lean Six Sigma (LSS) are transforming higher education and industry

  • Hear about real results achieved by leveraging CI and LSS  

  • Leave with actionable strategies to apply in your role

Hear from global thought leaders on how they apply and leverage our theme of "The Power of Continuous Improvement."  These aren't sit-back-and-relax webinars. Process Palooza sessions are fast-paced, engaging and interactive. Prepare to think, participate and win prizes!

While the sessions build on each other, they each have their own unique insights and takeaways. Sessions are free and run from 10:30 a.m. - 12 p.m. PDT. The sessions require separate Zoom registrations so be sure to register for all the ones you would like to attend.



UC San Diego's Lean Six Sigma Leader Course

Are your people jumping to solution and not solving problems? Do they want to throw money and people at problems instead of applying process improvement? This program will provide leaders with the tools to become a skilled mentor to drive organizational change and ensure that process improvement projects align with your business’s mission and overall objectives. Through an effective blend of learning techniques, this training will provide you with the critical knowledge to confidently build a continuous improvement culture and inspire behavioral change. The course begins on June 1st. For more information and to register: https://extension.ucsd.edu/courses-and-programs/lean-six-sigma-leadership


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